BMW X5 3.0i E53 ECU DME Siemens MS43

EXCHANGE PRICE: $699.00 Send-in Outright Sale



We have helped thousands of customers fully enjoy their cars again! Our dedicated team and knowledge of the Siemens MS43 systems make us the best option for the Exchange of your engine computer.

Our 5 year "BEST"on the market workmanship warranty is included at no additional cost.




  • Outside Cold temperature affects car starting
  • DME Self Diagnostic : RAM Check failed Error
  • Engine Stalls
  • Engine Cranks but doesn't start
  • EML light come On
  • RPM speed limiting Error
  • Various misfires and Oxygen sensor codes
  • Electric fans not working


If you are reading this maybe your car is not running right anymore, perhaps not even starting .Your mechanic made the diagnostic that the ECU is not good and needs repairs .We Know all the "secrets" related to the MS43 ECU. We are the common sense alternative to help you get your car back on the road FAST!!

We have dedicated hundreds of hours to understand and correctly diagnose Siemens ECU's, When you choose our service we will correctly program and test the exchange ECU, saving you time and money on unnecessary repairs and mechanics labor. We have dedicated bench testers and the physical vehicles were we will properly program the Exchange ECU, ensuring that you will get a real Plug and Play solution.

  • Visual inspection of critical areas in the circuit board.
  • Cleaning of Dust, debris or Corrosion.
  • Repair of associated problems and Re solder of critical components.
  • 100% Guaranteed Bench and Vehicle testing.
  • 100% Plug and play.



For $699 - You send us your EWS and Key to be synchronized to the Rebuilt ECU.

Make sure to carefully pack the EWS and Key and send it to our location.

Once we receive your EWS and Key, we will inspect, and proceed with the needed readings from the EWS module in order to prepare the programming of the Exchange.

After we program the Rebuilt ECU along with the EWS and keys from your car, we will proceed to perform final testing in our dedicated tester vehicle to ensure 100% reliability and most important a plug and play operation once the ECU set is send back to you.

The average time for the job process is 3- 5 days once we receive the EWS and Key at our office.

Our service is guaranteed to be plug and play once your receive it.

All work is done in House.

Please fill the service form located in the Orange service Icon.    Icon repair form



How to install a Porsche 944 ECU

How to install the ECU
How to install a Porsche 944 ECU

GT1 Scanner -DME to EWS Alignment Instructions (PDF)
How to install a Porsche 944 ECU

Launch-X431 - DME to EWS Synch Instructions (PDF)
How to install a Porsche 944 ECU

General Technical ECU Troubleshooting Guide


In the industry there are many BMW ECU programming. We wrote a guide to help answer and give you solutions to some of the most commonly asked questions.

My Mechanic / Dealership says that you can't Re-Program, Re-code or swap a used BMW ECU between cars.How can you help me?

We have reverse engineered these ECU's and developed proprietary Equipment that allows us to Re-program used ECU's to your car's VIN Number.


Why can't i buy a used BMW ECU and installed myself?

Because if you install a used ECU in any BMW, the VIN number and "Rolling Code" will not match, and it will prevent the car from starting.With a used ECU the car might crank, but it will never get the "permission" to power the fuel pump and send the spark signals.


What is a "Rolling Code"?

BMW's have the EWS Module (anti theft device) that has a password feature called the "Rolling Code" which changes between the DME and EWS every time that the car is turned off. This makes it virtually impossible to swap used ECU's between BMW cars.


When I purchase an Exchange DME, will the unit be Plug and Play?

"NO". Our Exchange ECU's will be programmed to your BMW's VIN number and correct application. However, due to the fact that the EWS systems have a random "Rolling Code" we can't guess what this random code is. Therefore, we reset this feature to make the ECU "blank".

In order for the rebuilt ECU to work in the car, a ECU to EWS Alignment/Synchronization has to be carried out.This is done using a BMW scanner like a GT1, ISTA, Autologic, Launch X431,Baum Tool DS2021 and others. It takes less than 5 minutes to "MARRY" the ECU to your car, and once that is done the ECU is ready to start in the car.


If you Repair my ECU, do you I need to “re-flash”, "re-code" or “re-program” the ECU before installing back into my car?

NO. ECU re-programming is not required because most repairs are done on the hardware parts and not on the software programming. Once we repair your unit, it will be 100% "Plug and Play" already tested in our actual Tester vehicle.