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A1 test-test


Sean W.

I couldn’t be happier. Wasn’t sure what to expect. You guys were 100% honest. Told me my old Boxster immobilizer worked fine on the bench and that the problem was my key. It arrived well packed, and exactly as you said was plug and play. I now have a functioning key remote. Turn around time was faster than expected. You had it fixed and on its way back to me within 24 hours. I will 100% recommend you to others, as well as use you if I have any issues in the future.


You guys are the “Best”. Thank you. I was referred by the Porsche Dealer in my local area. I loved the telephone and email support throughout my experience with you. Even during my initial phone call the staff explained your services and later sent email saying you were there to help me. I have never had such a wonderful experience with “any service provider.” Thank you.


I loved the service I received from ECU Doctors. Everything was done as promised and was done extremely quick. I installed everything and all started on the first try. I highly recommend them and will ALWAYS go back for any future needs. Plus you made my wife extremely happy that she can now go drive her Porsche and saved a ton of money compared to what the dealership was wanting. You made my year. Thanks again guys for all you do and did for me. You have a customer for life.

David C.

I received the ECU yesterday and after install the repair is working perfectly. The unit hasn't worked this good for several years. I am glad I found you.